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The garden at the Centre for Complementary Care

We're currently organizing a big garden clean-up day on Sunday April the 1st and - weather permitting - will (amongst other things) be starting work on the wildflower meadow.  We've just worked out that we're going to need SEVEN wheelbarrows to make best use of the number of people we expect (hope!) will turn up.

If you can lend or donate a wheelbarrow - in any condition - we'd be very grateful.

Also needed - plants - especially those that don't mind having their feet in water.  We're replanting the sunken garden, which was once a pond but had to be filled in for safety reasons.  It still has the pond liner in it.  In wet weather (of which we have, of course, had a great deal recently) it does its level best to turn BACk into a pond:

Spades, forks, trowels, a wheelbarrow, rakes, grassrakes, edging shears, ordinary shears, loppers, secateurs …

AND finally - We need YOU!  Help is always needed.  Our Volunteers meet at the Centre every Wednesday and newcomers are made very welcome.  Do join us.




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