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The Centre's main financial needs are twofold:

(1) General running expenses - Very few charitable trusts will give money for general running expenses. They nearly all like to give for "things" - like photocopiers, computers, furniture, etc - or specific "projects" (setting up a support group, creating a garden area …). Our single greatest need is for day-to-day running costs - heat, light, rent, rates, stationery. It isn't glamorous I'm afraid, but by donating to our running expenses you are making a major and direct contribution to the Centre.



(2) The Sheila Robinson Memorial Fund to ensure that the Centre's particular form of help continues to be available to everyone who needs it.


If you would like to contribute to either of the above, you may do so by:

  • Donating via our MyDonate website, which is very straightforward and costs us nothing. We receive 100% of all monies donated AND they deal with the Gift Aid for us. You don't need to be registered with them to donate (although if you do take the time to register, it slightly speeds the process up in future). For all of the above reasons, it's our preferred method of receiving donations. Just click belong to go to our MyDonate page, which is self-explanatory:


  • Paying electronically by PayPal: This is a very simple and fast method suitable for anyone with an internet connection and a bank account/credit card. It's very straightforward and costs the donor nothing to make a donation. Please click on one of the links below:


  • Completing the donation form and returning it with your donation to the address shown here.

  • Setting up a standing order with your bank.  You will find a form of Standing Order HERE.

(We are currently investigating alternative methods of on-line donation for people who may not wish to use PayPal.)

ACCEPTABLE forms of payment: Personal sterling cheques, sterling cash (sent by Registered Post please), postal orders, CAF and other charity cheques and International Money Orders. We can also accept US checks and cash, via a trusted US intermediary (please ask us for the contact details). If none of the above is suitable, please get in touch - we have many international contacts and can probably make suitable arrangements.

However you are paying, please indicate CLEARLY what you would like your donation to be used for - the Sheila Robinson Memorial Fund or General Expenses - and also if you are making a donation in memory of a friend, family member or colleague.

GIFT AID - The centre can claim back the tax from donations made by UK taxpayers provided we hold a properly worded declaration from them. This is a vital source of income for us.

If you pay UK income tax and are making a donation - by any of the above methods, could we ask you to complete the Gift Aid Declaration on the donation form and send it to us. If you are paying by PayPal or Nochex - please send the Declaration separately. The Declaration only needs to be signed once - you do not need to complete one every time you make a donation.

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