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Q: What do you actually DO at the Centre?

A: We offer:

(1)  Healing by gentle, therapeutic touch.

(2)  Support, information and advice on health-related matters. We
have an extensive collection of leaflets and pamphlets on a wide
range of subjects, as well as many local contacts and years of
collective experience.

Physiotherapy and Ayurvedic Massage are also available at the Centre from visiting therapists.

Q: What do you mean by "Healing by therapeutic touch"?

A: Healing is a gentle therapy, involving a simple light touch. It appears to work by strengthening and brightening the immune system, enabling the body to "self-repair". The exact mechanism is not understood, but there is an increasing body of evidence supporting the fact that it does work.

Q: How many healing treatments will I need?

A: We have found that four is the optimum number … these may be on consecutive days, or even two on one day and two on another, depending on available time. If that is not possible however, even ONE treatment will be of benefit.

Q: Do you offer medical treatment or back-up? Is there a doctor at the Centre?

A: No. The Centre is NOT medical. We have a fully qualified Red Cross First Aider but not a doctor.

Q: Will I have to undress for treatment?

A: No - although we usually ask you to remove your shoes.

Q: Is it safe? I've heard that some complementary therapies shouldn't be used with certain conditions - cancer, for instance.

A: It is a non-invasive and extremely gentle treatment. It can do no harm. It is effective in the relief and treatment of all conditions - physical, pyschological and spiritual.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We ask clients, if they can, to help us by making a donation of up to £45.00 for each one hour treatment session.

The Centre's Sheila Robinson Memorial Fund was created for the benefit of those for whom - for whatever reason - making a contribution would be a hardship.  No-one is ever turned away because they are unable to make such a contribution, but we DO ask that people give as much as they can honestly afford.

Q: I'm not religious. Does that matter?

A: Not at all. No "belief" in anything is necessary on the part of the person being treated.

Q: I AM religious, but I'm not a Christian. Does THAT matter?

A: Again - not at all. Healing is non-religion-specific as well as non-condition-specific!

Q: Why "complementary"? Why not "alternative"?

A: Because we aren't "alternative". We work with consultants, doctors and nurses - who often refer people to us.

Q: Is the Centre accessible to people with disabilities?

A: The Centre is accessible for people who can walk with sticks, elbow crutches or walking frames. The rear entrance has just two low steps with a rail. Unfortunately, there is currently no wheelchair access. That does not mean, however, that people in wheelchairs cannot be seen … Muncaster Castle has fully-accessible accommodation which they are happy for us to use by prior arrangement. It is therefore important that you tell us about any mobility problems at the time you make your appointments.

Q: Can I come and stay with you?

A: Unfortunately not. We are not residential. There is, however, a very wide selection of reasonably-priced accommodation available locally … some of it within easy walking distance. We have a list of recommended local accommodation in the "Links" section of this site.



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