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PLEASE NOTE: Our recommendation, based on previous experience, is that first-time visitors to the Centre book FOUR consecutive healing appointments for optimum benefit. This is only a suggestion and we are, of course, happy to take bookings for any number of appointments.

To ensure that accommodation is available at the time you wish to visit us (particularly in peak season), we suggest that you make your arrangements as follows:



1. Either by email, fax or telephone, make your PROVISIONAL appointments with the Centre.

2. When you have our confirmation that your chosen dates and times are free, book your chosen accommodation.  (Please click HERE for a short list of local accommodation.)

3. Once you have booked your accommodation, CONFIRM your provisional booking with us. We will hold your chosen dates open for you for a maximum of SEVEN DAYS from the date of the original booking. If we haven't heard from you in confirmation within that period, we will release the dates to other clients.

To book your appointments either:

Telephone: 01229 717355

Fax: 01229 717355


Gretchen Stevens

Monday to Friday.  (Sorry - no weekends.) 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Sonia Norton and Kay McMahon - By arrangement.


We regret that it is not possible for us to book your accommodation or travel for you.
We are, of course, happy to offer advice.


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