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Healing at the Centre for Complementary Care, Eskdale, is both simple and profound, a gentle practice that enables self-repair. We recommend four initial treatments, which may be scheduled on consecutive days but ideally not more than a week apart, to give optimum opportunity for the process to develop and deepen. If results are promising, further treatment can be agreed and arranged.

The clients may be self-referred or sent by doctors, clergy, social services or other health professionals. Healing is not condition-specific, and is safe for people of any age, with any ailment.



We aim to treat everyone at the point of need, regardless of ability to pay. To support this work, we raise money in the community and from charitable sources. We ask clients, if they can, to help us by making a donation of up to £45.00 each session. The Centre's Sheila Robinson Fund was created for the benefit of those for whom for whatever reason making a contribution would be a hardship. No-one is ever turned away because they are unable to contribute, but we DO ask that people donate as much as they can honestly afford.

Each healing session lasts approximately forty minutes, with the client lying comfortably on a treatment bed, or sitting if preferred. The Centre’s standard practice involves light, non-invasive touch on the head, chest, arms, legs and feet. Informal conversation concerning the health and well-being of the client, along with reports by the client of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes since the previous session, may take place while the treatment is occurring. Or not. It's entirely up to the Clients who may drowse, sleep or talk as they feel inclined. A ten minute rest concludes the session.

Although a basic repeating pattern of touch is followed at each session, successful treatment depends not upon an exact physical routine, but on sensitive response to the altering circumstances of the client. Concentration as in meditation or contemplative prayer, and the ability to listen sympathetically both to the voice and body of the client are the essential tools of the healer. Healing treatment is more truly defined in relationship than by technique.

Outcomes of healing at the Centre have been measured during four years of research and published in the American Journal of Public Health, the European Journal of Oncology Nursing and the British Journal of Public Health. Significant benefit is associated with healing outcomes in all conditions, often characterised by improved sleep, reduced pain levels, increased energy levels and sense of well-being, as well as modification of symptoms particular to the individual.

Appointments at the Centre can be made by ringing 01229 717355 between 9 am and 5 pm Mondays to Fridays, or by emailing us at  The Centre is not residential, but information on local accommodation can be found elsewhere on this website. Alternatively, contact the Centre by telephone, fax, post or email and we will send you an information pack.



  • Healing is not a medical procedure and does not take the place of medical treatment.
  • We are not equipped to provide nursing care.
  • Although The Chase is accessible to people using elbow crutches and walking frames, it is NOT, unfortunately, currently accessible to people in wheelchairs. We have, however, made arrangements for wheelchair users to be seen at Muncaster Castle. If booking to arrange appointments for someone in a wheelchair, please tell us they will need to be seen at the Castle, as we have to prebook the facilities.


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